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Questions during an Interview for Work and Residence Permit Visa in Sweden

Ask you about your boyfriend or husband

What is his dad and mom name?

How old are they?

Dead or still alive? If they are dead, when? How?

How many sisters or brothers does he have? (Name? Status? Address? Job? Family?)

What is your bf or husband name?

How old is he?

When was he born?

Where was he born?

Where does he live? His address?

How many windows, doors, rooms does he have?

House or apartment?

What is the color of his house?

How much does he pay for rent?

How about his education?

What is his job? Position? Describe his job?

Who is his employer? Company?

How much salary does he get?

How does he go to work?

Does he have a car? What's color? Model?

What does he like to do in his free time?

What is his favorite food?

What is his friends name?

Does he have kids or not?

If he has, What is the kid's name? How old is the kid? Who is the kid living with?

Have he ever married? How many times? When? Last wife name? her job? Her country? How long did they separate?

How many times has he visited Thailand?

When? (month, year) Last time?

What did he do in Thailand?

Where did he go and stay in Thailand? (Want to know about his activities in Thailand. )

Has he ever gone to visit your village or not? When? How long?


Ask you about yourself

How does he know you?


How long?

How to did he contact you?

How often?

How often did he call you?

What language does he use with you?

They will ask answers about yourself. (almost the same as his questions)

How about your education?

Has he ever given gifts to you for special occasions or not?

What did he give you on your birthday?

Has he ever sent money to you or not?

Have you ever visited Sweden or not? How many times? How long?

What did you do when you stayed in Sweden?

Have you ever met the members of his family?

Have you ever met his friends? when? How often?

Where did he take you to travel? How long?

What activities that you did together in Thailand?

Will he marry you?

How about your marriage plans in the future?

If you go to stay in Sweden, Will you study Swedish or not?

How about your work plan in Sweden?

Why do you want to go to stay in Sweden?

Are you sure about your answers?


/ May 2007


** ข้อมูลจาก ประสบการณ์ตรงของยุ้ยเอง กับ จากคำบอกเล่าของเพื่อนฝูงที่ขอวีซ่าทำงานและอยู่อาศัยค่ะ...ขอบคุณทุกคำ บอกกล่าวค่ะ **


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